Advanced Placement English Literature & Composition (cont.): Assignments
The following is a subject-to-change description of the assignments you will see in AP this year. The specific instructions will follow at a time closer to when the assignment will come to fruition.
1. Writing Portfolio (all year): The writing portfolio will be an electronic and print collection of your work:
a. First, a flash drive is highly suggested for writing this year. Not only will you complete work/revisions in school and need to save said work, but it is encouraged that you save all of your essays/papers for future reference (believe me you will appreciate having past writing). If you want me to look at anything, you must have it saved in the older Microsoft program and on a flash drive, or emailed as an attachment. I will not accept anything in the body of an email.
b. Second, a folder with pockets is highly suggested as well. This folder will remain in the room and will house all copies of your writing (inside and outside of class).
2. College Prep Materials (first 1-2 weeks): College Application Essay, Resume, & Cover Letter
3. Major Papers (all year): One paper will be due in December and the other will be due in early May. You will write a four to five page analytical essay in APA format using any critical approach other than Formalist (see Critical Strategies for Reading).
a. First semester – Choose a contemporary novel (anything written after the 1950’s)
b. Second semester – Choose any non-British novel from the approved AP list of texts
4. Student as Teacher (once formally throughout the year): Close reading of one in-class reading to be presented to classmates (you will be given the monthly reading schedule ahead of time and assignments will be a first serve basis) on the following:
a. Essential Questions for class & Discussion Questions for classmates
b. Critical Approach (choose multiple perspectives) from Critical Strategies
c. Literary Devices (AP List of Terms to know)
d. How to Read Literature like a Professor “notes”
5. Projects (one time each throughout year):
a. Poetry Close Reading: You will choose a British Literature poem from the eighteenth through twentieth century that is not discussed in class (must have teacher approval BEFORE assignment is completed) and complete an analysis using the Close Reading techniques discussed in class.
b. Film Close Reading: You will choose a film from and period of time or genre (must have teacher approval BEFORE assignment is completed) and complete an analysis using the Close Reading techniques discussed in class.
c. Drama Close Reading: You will model the “Student as Teacher” assignment with a Shakespearean tragedy. In small groups, you will be assigned Othello, Macbeth, or Hamlet to study and then present to the class.
6. Essays (all year): short pieces of writing will be assigned intermittently throughout the year for each unit, both inside and outside of class. Multiple revisions and conferences will be required. Essays will be modeled after the AP exam and taken from in-class discussions.
7. Other Assignments (all year): While all assignments are subject to my whimsy, there are a few set questions that you need to familiarize yourself with now.
a. First, you will frequently be asked to create essential and/or discussion questions for class, which will both add to our understanding of the texts from multiple perspectives, but will also lend to the quiz/test/essay questions used in class.
b. Second, you will participate in a Wikispaces online forum (with parental permission) where you will post work, find resources, and discuss AP literature to your heart’s content.
c. Last, reader’s response logs will be kept based on in-class discussions, and include the daily openers/closers, the essential questions, and notes. These logs will be randomly collected throughout the year.